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29.03.2015 12:18

mark ludlow

Why do you think that China, USSR, USA etc did not attend the Montreal Olympics, thus leaving West germany at the head of the medal table?


27.09.2014 19:14



Could someone please help me to verify if a 1964 Tokyo poster is original? Could someone give me a email adress where i can send you a link to the poster?


02.04.2014 11:12

Alexandros Papadimitriou


Thanks for existing..great site, interesting content. will definitely use the reports for the Olympics for my PhD.

-5 times participant in the hammer throw-


16.03.2014 4:37

Kenichi Nagata

Very interessant site!

Would you please tell me the original source of the< Symbols used during the Berlin 1936 games >?
I want to know more information about pictogram used in Berlin Olympia. Wasn't it used for special purpose during the games? While I can not find it in any official Document of the Berlin Olympia.


09.03.2014 23:25

Peter Brandsen

Hello to you all,
My name is Peter Brandsen from Holland. I collect everything from the Olympic Games for the disabled (Paralympics) of 1980 in Arnhem, Holland. If you you might have something interesting for me, please let me know! You can send an email to; peter.brandsen@planet.nl.
Best regards, Peter


03.03.2014 14:07


Great site. I have some photos from the 1936 Olympics "liberated" from the German propaganda department by my grandfather during WW2 along with some other photos and I was wondering how I might scan them and upload them to you??


10.02.2014 2:45

Barbara Shin

nice website.


07.02.2014 15:58

Barth BM

what a great page....


01.12.2013 16:50

Hla Min Oo



06.09.2013 11:24


thanks , this is use full for sports lovers and physical education personals . "great job"


31.07.2013 21:50

Bill Senkus


Great web site - I refer to it often -
If you want to see more Poster Stamps issued for the Olympics, check out my new pages at http://alphabetilately.org/Oly


21.03.2013 7:42

Justin B.

I think it's very cool that there is a museum for the Olympics, I think it's great... ­


04.02.2013 14:23

Patricia Mace

Raymond (Ray) Wood - (Mr Logo)
Design Director 1984 at Keith Bright Assoc. - designed the 1984 Olympic pictograms.


28.12.2012 9:13

Kiriakos Skarpas

Congratulations, you did a GREAT job. Lots of valuable information gathered all together in one site. Have you ever think to make a category for Olympic Pins? As I know that there are millions of different pins up to now maybe you can highlight only the pins without commercial advertisements which shows the mascot and the poster/logo of the specific games for each year. Again congratulations for your work. Mafnificent!!!


05.11.2012 7:27


i nead information and bibliography about Atr contests in Olympic games 1912 - 1948
thank you.
A good source of information is the book "The forgotten Olympic art competitions" from Richard Stanton. On 400 pages you will find many information and images from the 1912 - 1948 art competitions. ISBN 1-55212-606-4


17.10.2012 20:08

lamis ghazy

you have a very useful website about the Summer olympic games
thank you for the information


24.08.2012 6:46


Nice info and collections ! Thanks.


09.08.2012 21:21

Amelia Marzan

I like the olympic­


19.04.2012 19:05

Shaun Dwyer

My grandfather Patrick Dwyer represented Ireland in the 1924 Paris Olympics in the sport of Boxing , he reached the semi final stage in the Welterweight division, losing to Hector Mendes from Argentina. The museum was very interesting. If anyone has any photos of the boxing from these games , I would like to hear from them, as I am researching my grandfathers boxing career. Keep up the good work


13.04.2012 21:34

heinz ringer

Hallo Herr Wagner!
Ich habe ein Buch-Olympia 1936 Deutschland-30x45 cm-624 Seiten und möchte sie fragen ob so ein buch etwas wert ist und wenn wieviel?
mit freundlichen gruß
Heinz Ringer
KitzbĂŒhel Tirol

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